dimanche 25 mars 2007

I bought jewels again. Yesterday. Perhaps I define myself through the colors I wear. How superficial.

I started digging around my navel again. 'Couple of minutes ago. It gave me a headache, and I might never be able to stand straight in the future. How alienating.

I'm still looking for the dark dot, somewhere under my skin. 'Don't think it's there anymore.

During the last hour, I remembered the hand of someone I know, and the face he made, gesturing towards that red bus we encountered on one fine day of spring. 'Was sunny, but still a little too cold for ice cream, even though we went for it. We went for it all, he and I, or almost. Almost. Or for something else.

Now I'm melting under the light coming from my window, warming my room. And my head still aches. How precious, those Sunday afternoons.

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