samedi 1 décembre 2007

There are people I could listen to forever. Even if they don't really look at me when they are talking. People I could stand by or stay close to all the time. And watch their hands mimic what they are saying. People I could try to figure out why I need or want so much to be surrounded by them. But can never come up with an answer because I am not looking that hard for a reason.

There are days I wonder why I search for solutions. And prefer to stick to my illusions. My fantasies. There are nights I wish not to wake up in the morning. Nights I pray I could sleep forever, and dream away. Or live like crazy, like before, like a little after, like in-between.

Right now, I could go on like I do for a while. The pain is not that bad. Not so unbearable. Sometimes it's almost unnoticeable. I get to breathe from time to time, and I get to enjoy it. At times. Like at this moment.

I will go eat more moroccan clementines now.

6 commentaires:

  1. Julie2/12/07

    Dear Sylvianne...

    I know exacly how you feel... There are so many days I'd like to be asleep or in the dark... It would be so much easier... Right now, I'd give up anything to go back two days, two months or to years... Life is not easy... whoever said that in his life was a dumass...


  2. Martin3/12/07

    Clementines are not oranges... are they?

  3. Julie4/12/07

    no they're not... well... they are orange but not oranges... In other words they're smaller than oranges but they're the same color! :P


  4. Martin5/12/07

    Hey Julie,

    I sure knew about that. Sylvianne and me only had a discussion about clementines and oranges. This comment was about the essence of the fruits, you know... Oranges don't have the same effect on people than clemtentines. I was supposed to be a little ironic, but I guess my attempt failed, loll.

  5. Cute, my friends are bonding, hihi!

  6. Martin8/12/07

    Bonding over clementines... that's kinda poetic ;)