mardi 23 janvier 2007

I should be writing that reader response that I owe to my American novel of the 20th century teacher in two days, but instead I would rather share with you my complete adulation towards Matthew Good, the incredible, unique, talented, twisted singer and songwriter (and he's Canadian).

Not only do I own every disc he has ever worked on, with the exception of one EP, but I am also a disciplined reader of his. I visit his blog ( regularly and I encourage you to do so too! I have never met the dude, but his words surely suit me! He and I seem to share a similar case of "nuts state"...

Today, I fell in love with him all over again. Here are bits of his last entries that correspond to some of my realities or that made me grow even more fond of him:

"(...) I pop my pills (...) and turn off the lights (...) and lay on my side wondering what to wonder. And before I come up with something I fall asleep and dream of murder and love and distances too immense to convey." (I Meant to But Didn't, posted on Jan. 19th, 2007)

"The nights have been still lately, too still to sleep."
"She says that ever since she went properly nuts that she’s been able to sleep. She says that knowing you’re crazy is comforting in that way."
"(...) there’s always a lull, like a deep sigh, as if everything that was here before the buildings and telephone polls and sidewalks doesn’t know whether to scream or laugh or clear its throat." (Properly Nuts, posted on Jan. 21st, 2007)

"When you get right down to it, why do you really need all of those things that people like my ex-wife say they need? Having it, trying to get it, trying to keep it, and trying to use it. That’s your whole life right there." (That's Your Whole Life Right There, posted on Jan. 21st, 2007)

Voilà. Ode to Matt Good, always.

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